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Modernizing Health & Wellness

SofiaHealth is taking the lead and delivering a modern system of health and wellness care. Our blend of providers and practitioners provides the largest virtual network of health and wellness providers.

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We cover the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual needs

Offer access to hundreds of providers in order to meet the diverse needs of your employees and their families.

mental health
spiritual health

Access to health and wellness services when your employees need it most.

Easy deployment to clients

1. Initial Setup

You are only billed when your members enroll.

2. Benefits ecosystem integration

We integrate with other vendors for a seamless experience.

3. Communications

Different tiers of service based on your needs.

Empower employees to stay fit &healthy:

their personal team

their type of care

Surround your employees in care.

Offer access to hundreds of services.

From a chronic illness to staying at your peak performance, you can find the health and wellness professionals you need offering the services you prefer- when you need them!

Affordable, personalized care. It's about time.

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