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Sofia Health partners with Bastyr University.

Bastyr is a world-renowned university and pioneer in science-based natural medicine. Now recognized as the leading health arts and sciences university, it was an easy and obvious choice for Sofia Health.

We are supporters of the naturopathic and holistic wellness community. As such, we offer students and alumni access to our business tools.

Sofia Health partners with the Nutrition Therapy Institute!

NTI has been a leader in holistic nutrition education for 20 years, providing its students with the highest quality training, helping them to achieve thriving careers in the field of holistic health and wellness. 

The collaboration offers graduates access to Sofia Health's online business tools. NTI Alumni get their own customizable web page, client scheduling, messaging, and billing. Having access to a turn-key business allows the new alum to focus on their clients and building a business instead of technologies!


Sofia Health Partners with the NANP

The National Association of Nutrition Professionals is the only professional business league, wholly dedicated to furthering the cause, education, and standards of the nutrition industry.

The NANP developed educational standards for holistic nutrition, natural chef training, and dietary supplement educational programs.

Sofia Health Partners with the Council of Holistic Health Educators

The Council of Holistic Health Educators is a nonprofit advocacy organization that works to protect the practice of holistic health.

Sofia Health supports the holistic profession and as such supports the organizations that work hard to fight for their ability to practice and provide employment opportunities.

Sofia Health Offers Discount To Airline Employees

The collaboration provides airline employees a discount to health and wellness services during this unprecedented time.  

Sofia Health is a blend of health and wellness professionals that cover a wide range of disciplines. Employees can have access to health coaches, birth doulas, grief specialists, or take yoga classes.

We appreciate this opportunity to support those in the airline and hospitality industry!

Sofia Health Partners with the Holistic Entrepreneur Association

The HEA is an online community with the mission of helping holistic nutrition professionals create a successful business.

Sofia Health supports entrepreneurs. We want our community of practitioners to be successful! While we provide the platform and business tools, we felt the HEA community provides good resources for practitioners to learn to hire, grow, and scale their business.

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