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How employers can meet demand for holistic health care benefits

While COVID was a catalyst for telehealth, other major forces coming together will change how we consume health and wellness in the future. Offering virtual care has become a basic expectation, and may prove to be the easiest piece of this puzzle for employers to fulfill. Gen Z employees, as they enter the workforce, are also changing the dynamics of the health care system, and will be a game-changer for employers and benefits providers.

Finding, featuring, and promoting the next generation of founders 

"Sofia Health is placing individuals at the center of their care and empowering people to take control of their health."

Fortune: Startup Year One

A look back on the first year of building Sofia Health, fundraising, and listening to our customers.

Many founders fall into the trap of believing that fundraising is a rite of passage in the startup world. But it can also be hugely distracting, discouraging, and if you are a female, the odds aren't good, to put it politely.

Mental Health Champions: How Sofia Health Is Helping To Promote Mental Wellness

“Working out” our mind is as important as going to the gym to work out our bodies and should be viewed accordingly — instead of being viewed as a weakness.

Sofia Health empowers individuals to take control of their health. With the platform, an individual can access a practitioner to help with their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, on-demand.

100 trailblazing female entrepreneurs to keep your eyes on in 2021

Riley founded Sofia Health to close the gap that exists between people with chronic conditions looking for alternative therapies and holistic health and wellness providers.

Sofia Health provides a business platform for holistic health providers to schedule appointments, accept payments and market themselves. At the same time, it’s a centralized hub where potential clients can search for exactly what they need and explore their holistic health options.

Mental Health Champions: How Sofia Health Is Helping To Promote Holistic Wellness

The mission of Sofia Health is to connect individuals suffering from chronic conditions or looking for mental health support to holistic, complementary, alternative, and naturopathic providers.

'There is a gap in our health system that doesn’t address our needs holistically: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Sofia Health is a collection of practitioners who take a holistic approach to address an individual’s health.'

In Conversation with Riley Rees of Sofia Health

In graduate school, I was working on a project that involved researching patients with chronic conditions. Overwhelmingly, it was clear that they were spending a significant amount of time searching for alternative solutions, practitioners, or therapies. They all wanted to feel better or heal. In some cases, they just wanted to have their condition or symptoms “identified.”

The market for complementary, alternative and holistic health was extremely fragmented. With all of the medicine that exists today, people are still sick and our society is sick of being sick. This culmination solidified the need and Sofia Health is our solution to help individuals find a practitioner, a service, a therapy or a product based on their symptoms and what they need support in.

"In Her Own Words: Combat veteran Riley Rees’ new mission is making holistic health accessible"

"I started Sofia Health before the pandemic hit. We are on a mission to make health and wellness services more accessible to all people. Now, with the pandemic exposing inequality in our country’s health care, our mission is more important than ever.

Primal Health Coach Institute's Health Coach Radio

Sofia Health is an online destination for health and wellness services. Using this platform, practitioners can list their services, manage their business, and engage with their clients online.

Additionally, clients can search for services and connect with practitioners anytime, anywhere. In the age of telehealth, we love seeing platforms come to life that are aimed at helping clients find the help they are so desperately searching for.

In today’s episode, we discuss the current healthcare system and why it isn’t great for chronic conditions, the disconnect between how health coaches and practitioners market themselves versus how potential clients are searching for them, the idea of insurance as a crutch, and the Sofia Health platform itself.

We believe that this episode will be inspiring for both the aspiring health coach and the practicing health coach alike. We hope you enjoy it!

Create & Cultivate

The military has a proven track record of teaching leadership, strategic planning, creative problem-solving, task execution, and resiliency—all traits that are essential to running a business or building a startup.

Read the article to catch the three major takeaways from the military that helped me and can be translated to help any entrepreneur as they startup.

Sofia Health partners with Bastyr University.

Bastyr is a world-renowned university and pioneer in science-based natural medicine. Now recognized as the leading health arts and sciences university, it was an easy and obvious choice for Sofia Health.

We are supporters of the naturopathic and holistic wellness community. As such, we offer students and alumni access to our business tools.

Sofia Health partners with the Nutrition Therapy Institute!

NTI has been a leader in holistic nutrition education for 20 years, providing its students with the highest quality training, helping them to achieve thriving careers in the field of holistic health and wellness. 

The collaboration offers graduates access to Sofia Health's online business tools. NTI Alumni get their own customizable web page, client scheduling, messaging, and billing. Having access to a turn-key business allows the new alum to focus on their clients and building a business instead of technologies!


Sofia Health Partners with the NANP

The National Association of Nutrition Professionals is the only professional business league, wholly dedicated to furthering the cause, education, and standards of the nutrition industry.

The NANP developed educational standards for holistic nutrition, natural chef training, and dietary supplement educational programs.

Sofia Health Partners with the Council of Holistic Health Educators

The Council of Holistic Health Educators is a nonprofit advocacy organization that works to protect the practice of holistic health.

Sofia Health supports the holistic profession and as such supports the organizations that work hard to fight for their ability to practice and provide employment opportunities.

Sofia Health Offers Discount To Airline Employees

The collaboration provides airline employees a discount to health and wellness services during this unprecedented time.  

Sofia Health is a blend of health and wellness professionals that cover a wide range of disciplines. Employees can have access to health coaches, birth doulas, grief specialists, or take yoga classes.

We appreciate this opportunity to support those in the airline and hospitality industry!

Sofia Health Partners with the Holistic Entrepreneur Association

The HEA is an online community with the mission of helping holistic nutrition professionals create a successful business.

Sofia Health supports entrepreneurs. We want our community of practitioners to be successful! While we provide the platform and business tools, we felt the HEA community provides good resources for practitioners to learn to hire, grow, and scale their business.

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