Denise Wiesner

Riley & Denise present...

Live Q&A. Sex + Fertility + Holistic Health

Plus a special "Ask Denise Anything"

Friday, November 20th @ 10:00 AM PST


Denise is a licensed acupuncturist, sex coach, and fertility expert. She has helped thousands of women navigate their health and fertility journey. She teaches women to embrace their health, fertility, and relationships.

"The methods I rely on as a healer, teacher, and love facilitator stem from my own human experiences as a mother. It is through the stress and confusion of my own fertility journey that I saw a need for a way to bring love back into conception. And that is how my life grew from being a licensed acupuncturist into an expert in fertility, intimacy, and love."

Denise has been in practice since 1994 with an emphasis on women’s issues and pain control. She treats women’s conditions in various stages of life – from menstrual disorders, infertility, pregnancy to menopause.

She has experience treating women going through the process of using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) including assisting embryo transfers at many fertility clinics. She is board certified by American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM).

She has interned with Randine Lewis Ph.D, author of The Infertility Cure, and is a charter member of the Fertile Soul™ Clinic Excellence in Fertility program. She is also certified in the Hunyuan fertility Method. She is the author of the upcoming book,  Conceiving With Love , a whole-body approach to creating intimacy, reigniting passion and increasing fertility.

“I believe that optimum health is about balance: balancing one’s life and balancing one’s body. I enjoy assisting individuals in finding that balance and achieving great health.”


  • Fertility: Coaching + Treatment. Denise provides fertility support using a holistic approach to total body wellness. Her team uses a natural fertility treatment that includes acupuncture, natural healing methods, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage to support patients going through IVF and IUI.
  • Relationships: Sex + intimacy coaching. It’s time for change. Let’s put the conversation about sex on the map, and get shame out of the equation. It’s time for us to talk about what’s going on with our bodies, because it's time to start working through it.
  • Holistic Health: The mind, body, and spirit are powerfully connected with a high capacity for healing. Chinese medicine believes qi (vital energy) flows through the body. When the qi flows freely the body is healthy; when the flow of qi is blocked symptoms of pain and disease appear. The insertion of acupuncture needles at specific acu-points dissolves blockages and promotes healing.