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Sofia Unfiltered.

The Wellness Unfiltered Podcast created by Sofia Health is the go-to podcast for transformative wellness conversations. In each episode, Riley and Lauren bring unfiltered discussions with thought leaders, wellness entrepreneurs, and health care providers to expand your mindset and help you create your own personalized approach to wellness.

We’re here to have raw, unfiltered conversations because sharing your stories has the power to change lives, help others heal, and transform the way we take care of ourselves.

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Provider Profiles & Interviews

Meet the who’s who of the health and wellness world to find out what’s new and exciting. Learn about trends and get news straight from health and wellness providers.

Honest Service & Product Reviews

Choosing quality, ethical services & products from providers can be overwhelming. It's almost impossible to interpret wellness professionals titles these days. That’s why we are breaking down the who, the what and the why to help you find out what you should try and what you can probably pass on.

Sponsor Discounts

We love our sponsors, and they show us that love right back with exclusive offers for our listeners & readers. Wellness services and products can be pricey, so sign up and get access to quality services & products at a significant discount.

Tips & How-Tos from Experts

From the no-diet diet fads, EMDR, NSDR, meditation, sleep tips and more, our industry friends chime in with expert-level tips and tricks to help support your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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